PPC Traffic Advertising to Affiliate Marketers

PPC Traffic Advertising to Affiliate Marketers

The lure of PPC traffic can sometimes be overwhelming. You get a sudden burst of highly targeted traffic for keyword phrases you select yourself. It’s as easy as researching keywords, writing up your own text content and submitting your order to whichever search engine you choose. The only real problem using this is that it is quite costly and only offers a short-term boost in traffic. There are nonetheless a few ways to get very cheap PPC traffic. When you have a spending budget set out for visitors or client acquisition, it is important to set aside a percentage of the funds allocated for SEO and the growth of organic traffic.

Any legitimate Search engine optimization organization will be able to take your budget and use a variety of tools to boost your business’s internet search engine positioning in a number of keywords you choose. They can also suggest keyword phrases that are much less competitive, especially if your particular website or business is in a saturated market. Not only will they give tips about criteria like meta tags and text content, they will investigate other ways of building traffic such as social bookmarking, article submissions and link wheels.

The main benefit of organic traffic is it eventually ends up being much more affordable and lasts longer than an equivalent pay per click campaign. For instance, say you set out a $500 spending budget to focus on several search terms at Google through a pay per click advertising campaign. Depending on the search terms you’re picking you’ll pay anywhere from $0.12 to several dollars per verified mouse click. Let’s assume that in this example you are bidding $0.05 on each keyword so the pay per click campaign is set to deliver 10,000 targeted customers. As soon as your balance is exhausted, the PPC traffic stops.

Now let’s look at what could possibly be carried out using the exact same budget in the hands of a Search engine optimization business. Using a number of tools at their disposal, they can build a huge number of backlinks to your web site which will provide steady targeted traffic for an extended period of time. In addition to this natural traffic, SEO will improve your site’s reputation and position in the searches.

Even if these sorts of initiatives only produced 25 hits a day, it would just take 40 days to generate the very same amount of traffic that your pay per click campaign would have produced. The only real difference is it will continue providing targeted traffic for months to come with perfect internet content writing skills. Unless you have ways to get dirt cheap PPC traffic, you should definitely spend some money and time in organic traffic generation too!

The only thing left to be answered is – why Bing, Adwards and First, it certainly one of the cheapest PPC ad networks in existence. Secondly, it is based on matching your own content to the publisher websites content which gives you an option to specifically target paid traffic you’ll need in order to build more free traffic for yourself.

Thanks to the price of advertising it allows you to adjust and experiment with multiple advertising campaigns, find those that are giving you really high click through rate and generate more free traffic, and stop those that are not giving you the exact results you want. Using Google, BreezeAds and Bing are an easy and effective way to grow Alexa traffic and increase your website ratings.

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